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What is Christianity all about

What is taught by Christian tradition is that God is three people in one. The teaching of God as three people in one is known as the trinity. The trinity contains the persons of what are known as the father, son, and holy spirit.

What Christianity has traditionally taught is that Marry became pregnant by the spirit of God the father, and the child of the union of God the father and Marry was and is Christ Jesus who is thus perfect man and perfect god in one substance. Christ was thus born and walked with man teaching about mercy, forgiveness, the kingdom of heaven, and setting ones heart right with god. By traditional Christian teaching Christ let himself be condemned to death by men in order that man could be forgiven for all sins, and Christ arose from death to life in order to show that he has power over death.

Traditional Christianity teaches that the wages of sin is death and that by the blood of Christ a ransom was paid for those who believe in him. This is why baptism is considered by Paul to be reflecting a person being put into the tomb with Christ in order that a person would pick up their life again. Overall, the concept that traditional Christianity appears to portray is that a person who has their hart right with god in the utmost way would be willing to dye with Christ in love and trust in order that by this love and trust of Christ a person would rise in eternal life by the forgiveness, grace, and love of God.

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