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Ask and You Will Receive

Traditional Christianity teaches that those who truly believe in Jesus Christ and ask in Gods will may have anything that is asked for. Jesus Christ says that anything that is asked for in his name will be done, so pray to God for help when you are troubled. Overall, with a completely wise and powerful God, a huge personal resource would be wasted if a person did not ask God for help.

Obviously in order to ask God for help a person would be best to know who god is, care about asking, and be willing to cheerfully except the help of God. Basically if a person truly asked God for help in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, then according to the bible help will be given. Overall, a person asking for help from God may not get exactly what the person wants, but instead God may give a person something better than what a person would be asking for or help may even be given at a better time than a person would expect.

God Always Knows How to Help

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