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Why God is so Far Away

Traditional Christian teaching teaches that all of mankind no longer trusted God soon after mankind had been made by God. What is taught is that the first woman named Eve was convinced that God was hiding both knowledge and power from her, so Eve tried to do what was forbidden by God in order that she would gain what she thought that God was hiding from her. The traditional Christian teaching further shows that Adam, the first man, decided to trust Eve more than God, so both Adam and Eve chose to not trust God entirely.

Christian teaching shows that Christ Jesus, born as both perfect man and perfect God, decided to try to promote saving relations with mankind again, so Jesus extended mercy, grace, and wisdom to all of mankind. Jesus went so far to gain the trust of mankind that he let himself be condemned by mankind in order that people would trust God to have exactly what mankind really needs. Overall, Jesus died with the words of, "forgive them father for they know not what they do", so that mankinds distrust of Gods power and use of power would vanish.

Traditional Christianity would teach that by the profits of the old testaments, the teaching of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection of the dead God has proven himself to mankind to be trustworthy in power, wisdom, and mercy. God can be seen to have no plan to fool mankind into a trap by the use of his wisdom and power, but God can be seen to have the wisest plan and greatest power to do what should be done. Overall, by Jesus Christ dying on the Cross while forgiving mankind for their actions, God has proven himself not only to be trustworthy but also to have a deep desire to have a fulfilling relationship with mankind.

Jesus is the Way

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