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Jesus the Wisdom of God

Traditional Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ is both the wisdom and the power of God by Paul. Solomon teaches that wisdom is a shelter like money is a shelter but wisdom preserves the life or its possessor, and Jesus Christ when talking about the holy spirit teaches that a person who seeks will find and a person who knocks will have a door opened to them. What appears to be true is that Christ not only knows all mysteries, but that also Christ is willing to share his knowledge by the holy spirit with anyone who truly is looking for true and correct answers to a question. Overall, mankind would often prefer to believe what is incorrect or false rather than what is true because mankind his difficulty trusting God, so a person who clings to falsehood would have difficulty understanding truth or even knowing how to ask for truth.

With the concept that only God is both wise and powerful, a person should not look to themselves for understanding and vision but should look to God for understanding and vision. With the proper relationship with Jesus Christ, by the teaching of traditional Christianity a person could learn what would produce the best possible outcomes as well as the intention, design, and nature of all things. Overall, a good relationship with wisdom would be known to produce knowledge, values, and motives that would otherwise be unknown to those who do not have a good relationship with Jesus Christ.

God by Wisdom Laid the Earths Foundations

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Wisdom is the Master Craftsman

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