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Justified, Sanctified, and Glorified

Traditional Christianity teaches that after a person begins to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ the past sins of the person are Justified by Jesus having forgiven sins at the Crucifixion. Once a person believes in Jesus Christ the daily sins of the person are taken away because the person has become sanctified or set apart for service of God. After a person becomes committed to having a relationship with Jesus Christ, God commits himself to one day glorifying the person.

In all three stages of development of a believer God works by developing a person from a person choosing to let Jesus Christ inhabit the heart of the person. The relationship between a person and Jesus Christ is what develops good fruit. Overall, the teaching of traditional Christianity could be said to endorse personal development by a person developing a deeper and deeper growth of love and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

God Wants You to Grow and Be Fruitful

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