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Jesus Weds his Church
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Jesus Weds his Church
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The Lamb Weds the New Jerusalem

Traditional Christianity could be said to teach that Jesus Christ will eventually marry his bride the collection of all believers. The concept of Christ marrying the assembly of all believers is symbolized by the bible in the book of Revelation talking about the lamb marrying the New Jerusalem. The concept of the adopted children of God being married to Jesus Christ could be seen to be likened to the story of Abraham of the Hebrew scriptures marrying his stepsister.

Traditional Christianity would teach that the believers of Jesus Christ would love him eventually like a bride loves a husband. What would also be taught is that Jesus would be willing to dye for his most beloved wife, and the wife of Jesus would be willing to do anything to please her husband. Overall, both the husband and wife of Gods holy family could be said to produce the children of God from the wife of Jesus Christ helping her husband plant the seed of the gospel within her assembly of both inexperienced and experienced believers.

Jesus Loves his Wife

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Jesus Loves You All