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God Gives You Freedom of Choice

Traditional Christianity teaches that God not only made mankind in his own image, but that God gave mankind the ability to choose to love and trust God or to not love and trust God. The only way for God to make a creature that could truly love him was to make a creature that had a choice to love him. Overall, with a all wise and powerful God that would have foreseen the sins of mankind, God saw best to make man with choice not so that man would choose sin and death but so man would choose trust in him and life.

Traditional Christianity would teach that God made man for his own joy, and such teaching would show that man was not made for the sake of sin but for the sake of godliness. Mankind thus took what God had given for godliness and used such a gift for wickedness. Now, Christianity still teaches that mankind still has the choice of excepting God by excepting Jesus Christ or denying God by denying Jesus Christ.

Make Your Own Choices

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God Wants You to Make Your Own Choices