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God Likes Those that Care for the Needy

Traditional Christianity shows that God extends his grace, mercy, and love to some of the most undeserving people. People that sin against God are forgiven and people that do not deserve to be blessed are blessed. God does not provide for and extend mercy to mankind because mankind deserves or has earned mercy or provisions, but God does extend mercy and provide for mankind because God loves his children.

A person could care for the sick, homeless, and poor of spirit in a way that would demonstrate and teach the character of God to others. By giving to good charities, personally caring for poor, and helping people who are rejected by society would not God see what is done and extend all mercy, grace, and blessing to the caregiver. Traditional Christianity would teach that God will Judge by the same measure that a person uses to Judge others, so being right with God could mean extending help, grace, and love to others in need.

Love, Mercy, and Grace

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Personally Try to Care For Those in Need