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A Free Gift of God

Traditional Christianity teaches that the kingdom of heaven is an inheritance for the children of God to inherit, and traditional Christianity would also teach that the old order of things is passing away. If a person is adopted into the family of God by having their hearts right with Jesus Christ, then such a person could inherit the kingdom of heaven after death. The teaching of traditional Christianity is clear to show that the kingdom of heaven is not earned by doing good works, but the kingdom of heaven is inherited to the children in Gods family.

Doing good actions is not for earning Gods gifts or kingdom, but going good works is for showing appreciation and thanks for the gifts of God. A person who has a good relationship with Jesus Christ would want to do good works not for gifts but to express love and thanks for Christ and his blessings. Overall, traditional Christianity teaches that we are not owed eternal salvation, but we obtain eternal salvation by having the correct relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Gift of God

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The Kingdom of Heaven is a Gift