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Are you looking for sound Christian advice regarding life, faith, or eternal salvation? Or maybe you just need someone to talk to about what is happening in your life. Whatever your need for advice from a conservative Christian perspective Mathew Mount may have a good theological and reasoned response for your specific case.

Give Mathew an e-mail discussing your problem or case by clicking Mathew Mount, and he will try to respond promptly. If you feel that your response from Mr. Mount is valuable, then feel free to contribute the recommended amount of 10$ - 35$ to the advisory service of Mathew Mount.  If you personally know Mr. Mount but want to contribute, then please contribute to a charity listed on this web sight instead of contributing to the operation of the services of Mathew Mount.  By using the advisory service of Mathew Mount you are under no obligation to financially contribute to his practice, but contribution are very much appreciated.

You may send your check or money order to the following address, or click the make a donation button to use PayPal credit card processing.

Mathew Enoch Mount
203 8th Ave.
Rock Falls, IL 61071-1135

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About Mathew Mount

Mathew Mount is an author of several written works available by searching the world wide web, and Mr. Mount has been in study for at least seven years. Mr. Mount has a good comprehension of the bible, and he has a good comprehension of ancient Greek philosophy. Overall, Mr. Mount is the type of person that has an exceptional ability to just listen, give a reasoned response, or even provide theological dialog.


The Saint Sophia Press of Mathew Mount

Lover's Myth and Eternal Union

Proclaim Jesus Christ onto the ends of the earth

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Christian Advisory Service

Mathew Enoch Mount
203 8th Ave.
Rock Falls, IL 61071-1135

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