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UC Philosophy for Jesus the Christ
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UC Philosophy for Jesus the Christ is a organization at Sauk Valley Community College that has meetings for the sake of dialog about philosophy and Christianity. The original concept for the development of UC Philosophy for Jesus the Christ was the concept of the search for the parallels and reconciliation of Christianity and ancient Greek Philosophy. Overall, UC Philosophy for Jesus the Christ has developed into a discussion forum for evaluating the parallels of both academic philosophy and Christianity.

Everyone is welcome to attend UC Philosophy for Jesus the Christ meetings, and a person could get driving directions and meeting times from Associate Professor Kevin Megill. The telephone number of Kevin Megill is 1-815-288-5511 Extension 251, and the e-mail address of Kevin Megill is Please feel welcome to contact Kevin Megill if you are at all interested in UC Philosophy for Jesus the Christ.

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Mail Personal Letters to the founder at the following address.

Mathew Enoch Mount
203 8th Ave.
Rock Falls, IL 61071-1135

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